About Convey-a-quote

Using Convey-a-quote, individuals buying or selling their properties can search for a conveyancer or solicitor via InfoTrack’s Client Directory.

You simply search the property address in question, whereby a list of InfoTrack clients sorted by distance from the property will appear. You can also sort the list as ‘nearest to my location’ or ‘instant quote available’.

After selecting a conveyancer and requesting a quote, you simply complete our online form and wait for your selected conveyancer/solicitor to complete your quote.

Convey-a-quote is available in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria as well as being desktop and mobile friendly.

How to choose a conveyancer


The best conveyancers use the best technology available, which includes InfoTrack & Perfect Portal.


It's important your conveyancer is familiar with the area the property is located in.


No one likes to wait, so the best conveyancers offer instant quotes for their services.

Conveyancing FAQ's

What is conveyancing?
The term ‘conveyancing’ is used to describe the legal process of changing ownership of property.
What is a conveyancer?
A conveyancer is a licensed and qualified professional who manages the conveyancing process on their client’s behalf.
What do conveyancers do?
When managing the conveyancing process, a conveyancer will undertake the following tasks:
• Prepare and lodge any documents related to the property.
• Liaise with appropriate parties on behalf of their client to ensure a smooth conveyancing process.
• Conduct all relevant property searches.
• Handle deposit money.
• Calculate any adjustments that the property may require. This could include water, taxes and rates.
• Attend settlement on behalf of their client and advise when the property is settled.
Do I need to hire a conveyancer or solicitor?
The hiring of a conveyancer or solicitor is a personal choice. Both are qualified to aptly manage property conveyancing.
When should I consult a conveyancer/solicitor?
Selling: When selling a property, a conveyancer or solicitor should be appointed as soon as the decision to sell has been made. A conveyancer/solicitor will prepare all required vendor documents to ensure a fast transaction. Hiring earlier means that you have more time to prepare the required documentation before offers start rolling in.

Buying: When buying a property, it’s recommended that you contact a conveyancer or solicitor sooner rather than later and have conducted research on the property as well as reviewed documents before making an offer.
Why is conveyancing more expensive when buying a property, rather than selling?
The fees for conveyancing when buying a property can be higher than selling fees as purchasing a property requires a greater amount of work, including more searches and research.
What costs are involved with conveyancing?
Typically, conveyancing fees are split into two parts; professional services fee and disbursements.
What is a disbursement?
Disbursements are costs paid on your behalf by your conveyancer or solicitor to third parties. Disbursements can include different types of searches (title, council certificates, land taxes, council rates, pipes and drainage system, water, roads and construction) and settlement fees. When requesting a quote, make sure that a cost range for disbursements is included in the fee.


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